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Mission Statement

Assyrian Global Network is a nonprofit media corporation dedicated to serve all the Assyrian nation regardless of their religion, age, gender, political view, and social status.


    Our vision is to preserve, advance, and promote Assyrian culture, heritage and language. This includes stimulating the national pride and spirit in every Assyrian individual in the United States and abroad.


    The purpose of AGN is to inform, educate, and empower the Assyrian nation, particularly the immigrant population, by inspiring them to become productive members of society. This includes, but not limited to, encouraging the participation in civic duties such as voter registration and national census, providing economic literacy, and promoting social justice.


    AGN is committed to increase enthusiasm, motivate, and stimulate self mobilization within Assyrian people to improve their physical and mental wellbeing.


    One of AGN’s core missions is to raise awareness about Assyrian people whose livelihood are affected by war, conflicts, and crisis. We strive to inspire humanitarian activism and to promote equity, inclusion, and welfare among our nation .


    As an unbiased media, AGN is committed to build a communication bridge between Assyrian organizations and individuals to serve this proud nation with impartiality and honesty.